Good evening Manny,

If you saw what it looked like out here you'd understand how I feel. I should take video but the best I could do is to put it on Youtube in a day or two. But you might get some idea of what the weather is like here right now.

Actually Manny, I would have hoped you'd have taken the car for a spin to give it your final stamp of approval!


Good morning Manny,

So I was able to get 4 videos up, here is a link to one of them:

P1220941 - YouTube

The wind blew throughout the night as well. Currently it is -15 with a 35 km wind and iot is expected to be between 20 and 40 km until the afternoon. Needless to say I'll be having a meeting with my treadmill this morning but had also thought about going to see my dad (whose driveway runs east-west and this is a north gale!) and also taking my son swimming this morning in Peace River.

So if I sound sort of in the dumps with all the wonderful stories and pictures of you guys with your rides in Ontario this will giev you a clearer picture of what northern Alberta is like right now!

Send any heat you can spare!


Good morning Gentlemen,

I think it is a case of "anything but snow please"! It is so hard to always be looking 4 or 5 days down the road when they are calling for +10 and then as that day approaches seeing the forecast change to maybe +2 or +3 and then the wind, I think I would take the snow much more happily if it wasn't for the accompanying wind.

Of course I realize it is going to come to pass but it is just so hard after 5 months of snow to be getting to the day when it warms up.

At least it makes not having the car with me a lot easier to take as I couldn't have it out on the road even if I wanted to.

On the plus side the autocross club is going to be posting their schedule and will be having events in both Dawson Creek (2 hours) and Fort St John (2 1/2 hours!). FSJ might be interesting as it is a much bigger place and there might be a larger track area for us to use - they haven't announced the venue yet so I'm not sure what type of location it is. Imagine if it was the airport!! A guy can dream of getting his car up to speed then. Or at least having to shift into 2nd........!

I'll be venturing out to make my son swimming soon so I'll find out what the driveway and roads are like next!


Looks like some great bbq'ing weather!:rofl:

We are getting some snow here but I think it is mostly missing us. I keep checking the 14 day forecast on the weather network. It looks like it's going to be getting nice in ten days from now.... the funny thing is, I've been saying that since mid-March. The graph stays the same shape on the 14 day trend, just the dates keep moving from right to left. It feels like the dangling carrot.:rofl:

I hope the snow is gone and I can get my car out for the Chicago half mile event!
Good morning Riley,

Well if you get snow melting in 4or 5 days you're lucky. Normal highs for this area +8, todays forecast -3. Currently -11 with an 18 km wind from the north. It's almost like consecutive governments of the same political party year after year (an Alberta speciality!), enough is enough already!

At the end of dad's driveway he hit a drift he probably didn't see nor was prepared for that was the height of the hood on the Frontier that he got wedged into.

I wish you luck at the Chicago 1/2 mile event, that would be worth attending just to see wall to wall green grass for a while! We joke here about 6 months of snow but this year it is shaping up that way.


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