Jul 27, 2013
because the postman delivered my Franklin Mint 1972 Pewter Silver ZR1 model

Click for details

I now have #069/350 and am already trying to figure out how to make/mount side pipes and a luggage rack so that besides the hood it pretty much is a close replica to my 72 BB.

It's been crazy trying to find a pewter silver model shark and the wife shook her head and gave me the :nono:....but too late...it's here :)
Very attractive model CD -- I looked thru their collection and was impressed.
Thanks for showing us.

Looking forward to seeing your BB version too.:D

I have a couple of more recent vettes and my brother has a few. Hope to have more down the road.

the details in this model are insane. I also love that the body is fiberglass and not plastic or metal.

I got a good deal on it to apparently.
I had to get it through a private sale in Florida - then shipped to california - then to me. This one has been out of stock for a long time as only 350 were made. I tried getting one for my dad a few years ago, then came across one and couldn't resist. It came with all it's papers, 2 original boxes (F/M - serialized white box inside), a sealed folding foam container in box 2 with a set of white gloves and special pick for cleaning and opening/popping the headlights and hood and moving the seats forward....and all the paperwork. My buddy came over last night to see what a $200 toy car looks like and his first words when looking at it "worth every penny..it's awesome"
It does look VERY good!
Congratulations on tracking one down at a reasonable price (the wives just don't understand... do they?).

LOL, David, I believe wives are more understandable than one thinks (I've found) -- they know a toy for us (large or small) means a new dress or an evening out for them....
......and they sure like riding in or driving our 'big' toys......:D:D

CD -- I'll second your friend's comment and say the same: "worth every cent".

Enjoy -- they really are great collectibles.

BTW CD -- how do the Danbury Mint models stack up? Are they as nice as the F/M's?

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It does look VERY good!
Congratulations on tracking one down at a reasonable price (the wives just don't understand... do they?).

When I told her it was going on the mantle in a glass case over the fireplace I got "whatever" LOL
Looked at it again tonight and even the seat belts have metal clips. I took a look on the door locks and even the doors have the tiny emblems...even more impressed. Going to buy a case tomorrow. Once i figure out the correct sizeing i will make the pipes and the luggage rack and just going to use adhesive putty to hold them in place so i dont effect the finish on the actual model. If anyone has ideas for making those feel free to share :)
Excellent way to make model side pipes is with plastic coat hangers. Already have the proper bends in them, just have to figure out where to cut and glue them.
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I've used a few before when building models. Here's a couple of the larger ones for stacks on my 1/16 scale FWD dump.

Testors, makes model master chrome paint and looks like it's right out of the chrome tank. It's sprayed with an airbrush, but can get the same results with a good quality model brush.
CDan.. That is a gorgeous Corvette model.
Steamer. Nice truck.....Great work.
I have 150+ inbuilt model kits in the back room. I saved them for my retirement. Been retired 2 yrs now and haven't found time yet.

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