Glad to hear the Viper is selling again but I hardly think the slow sales had anything to do with the Viper being called the SRT Viper instead of the Dodge Viper. It was about the dealerships all ordering the top of the line Viper and gouging customers if I remember correctly. And they know it too by evidence that they are now going to build the more "affordable" Vipers first. Anyway, glad to see sales going strong and knowing the Viper will be around!
Competition is definitely a healthy thing. I'd hate to see the Viper go away but the Corvette is a much better deal and people will only pay so much extra before looking elsewhere. The 707 hp engine would definitely give sales a boos I think.....if the don't gouge the buyers.
I've always liked the sound of a v8 over a v10. Actually, I don't like the sound of a v10 but anyway, I read the Hellcat engine would add 180 pounds to the Viper. This would make it the same weight as our Z06. :D
On a side note:
The Viper weighs 3,354 lb has 645 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque
The C7Z weighs 3,524 lb and has 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.
Can 50 lb-ft of torque make up for 170 lbs?
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