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Jun 8, 2012
Edmonton AB
No Corvette :(
Here is a few videos of me running my 2009 ZR1 with Hoosier A race tires.

I ran 3 seconds faster then a GT3 Porsche on V710's and 7-8 seconds faster then the 3rd place car. There was 3 GT3 Porsches running.

The car is a blast to drive!


My FTD run - ran a bit wide on the first corner, was my 2nd run so still learning the course.


thanks, it is... kinda a short rush of fun!

I have been doing it for 28 years now.

Great vids! Post more when you get them!:coolgleam:

I will.

I am running again next Sunday at the same location if the weather is dry... rain all week here :(

The course won't be as open... different club. Got a 600+ hp Nissan GTR on the same tires that will want my _ss .... got him 2 events ago... he will want revenge! :)

Very cool. Nice driving. :driving:
Do you keep the nannies on for these events?
I like the commentary at the end of the first Video :D :canada:
I ran 1.1 seconds faster yesterday...... a few more videos


Afternoon run.......

The mic is mounted inside the car...... 10' cable ran inside through hatch.... cable flapping in video.

GoPro HD2 with sony ECM DS70P mic and delkin dual suction mount on hatch glass, cheap used B&H $4.95 sky 1A filter on modified gopro housing.. didn't like it.

Great Videos! I really enjoy these! I like that you are trying different mounting locations. Very cool!

first time I tried outside the car..... always afraid it will fall off and scratch the car.

I guess there is an event in Regina this weekend..... I have a 2 day race here so not going to Regina.

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