:driving:Wayne did you ever hear what happened to Arun motor ?

In the video you can see the puff of smoke at the top end.

But maybe he didn't hurt the motor :driving:
It's so crazy. With that much power it doesn't look squirrelly at all. It juat squats and goes!

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Awesome vids Wayne. I have to say that it never gets old watching videos of Arun's car in action. It's just insane!

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Thanks so much for posting the videos Wayne and thank you all so much for the kind words everyone.

It is very much appreciated!!!!!!!

And I really have to thank the crew at Dasilva again. Manny, Dan, Andrew, Dave and Gavin have been staying late trying to get my car prepared for this weekend and our little trip out to Napierville next week.

The shop is packed and full of cars but Manny still has time to get me prepared-and the effort the guys put in with all there other obligations is a very humbling experience for me.

I can't thank the Dasilva crew and you my fellow Corvette enthusiasts enough!
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