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Feb 5, 2009
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Our Friend Vette Fever has been suffering from a higher than normal fever for awhile now .

So his Vette was dropped off for some fever remedy .

A Nice Dewitts Rad , new Silicone hoses and a new stat .

We placed Jacks vette in our red C6 section right beside the black C5 section :rofl:



All back together :

Guys good idea to have a look under your cars and up into the rad area:
Nice job Manny -- Some serious birds nesting going on there in Fever's.

I like the looks of that Dewitts Rad -- Is it a direct bolt in?

I think that's my next mod. Will be in touch.

Hahaha! Red C6 section beside the black C5 section. Awesome. What is that shiny thing at the front of the engine? New A/C compressor? Very cool!:rofl:

He's got a gorgeous car! I've always liked when I've seen it in photos.

That last picture is a great example of how dirty our rads can get!
Manny, does the rad have a built in engine oil cooler? Whats the advantage of the silicone hoses besides appearance?

It does have a built in oil cooler , the hoses stand up better to temperature changes - heat up and cool down , and yes they look much nicer.
I loved that picture of your shop Manny! I'm really wishing I could spend a day there seeing what you guys do, looking at the beauty 'Vettes in there, and maybe taking in a little knowledge at the same time.

I'd totally work there part-time if I lived nearby--just to keep the floors clean or whatever. It looks like I can already eat of the floor though, so I guess I'm unemployable--unless you need an LED light installer that gets paid per job, and not by the hour, LOL!!!

I bet you're loving the new business venture by the looks of it--more pics please!!!
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