Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
We lost a dear friend yesterday in Bill Smook.

Bill past away apparently in his sleep at around 01:00 a.m. yesterday morning. We had just met up with Bill at the Exotic Car Cruise which was one of the first ones I had seen him in since I had met him three years ago. In the course of our friendship, Bill always had a kind word or some great knowledge or advice to share with us all. He was always there to help you network for opportunities and hook you up with one of his many contacts. during the three years that I had known him, Bill had several Vettes, often keeping two and mostly Z06's (including RFE).

I am still in shock after reading about the loss and chatting with Mark (Cdn Wolf Eh). We had lunch together on Saturday up in Wasaga Beach.

Bill you will always be fondly remembered as a good friend and genuine person and sorely missed by all. :(
What a shocking news. I have met and talked to Bill a few times. He was a nice guy. Always willing to lend a helping hand to everyone. A real family man.

My condolences for the family. May Bill rest in peace.
Bill helped me a lot at a Chapters gtg, answering every question I had. We had arrived in my wife's M Roadster.
Well we took his info, and a lot of Vette lust and bought an '06 coupe. Victory Red. 6-speed with Nav. American car through a GTA GM dealer.
Bill went over the car carefully at the next gtg. Didn't like the way the dealer had marked the bumper with the stick on gm licence bracket.
Lots of good advice again.
Made me feel good. That's what I'll remember. The way he made me feel. Miss him; best to his family.
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