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Nov 14, 2011
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Jane and I just came home from our first trip to Las Vegas. We had a wedding to go to on the 20th, so we thought we would go down early and stay a little longer and make a vacation of it. This is one crazy town, but a lot of fun to be had here. I will share a couple of pictures, because I know Wayne will ask ....

No trip to Vegas is complete with out visiting the Hoover Dam.

This is the best Dam picture I took.


And of course if you are in Vegas; stopping by the Pawn Stars is a must. Too bad none of the guys were there when we stopped in.


And if you are at the pawn shop, it is only a few blocks to Rick's Restoration. Here we did find a couple of the crew, including Rick's brother Ron. (not shown) Also got to see Rick's truck and it is sweet. Along with a number of other cars. Very cool.



We stayed right on the strip at the Tropicana. Not a bad casino, but nothing like some of the others like the Excalibur that was right out side our window.


If any of you do go to Las Vegas, don't miss the Fremont Street Experience. Grab a beer and a spot to sit and be amused. I didn't get any pictures here. But this is the old part of the city. There are people of many different discretions for your amusement. :rofl::rofl: The light show is great.

I think it is safe to say, we had a good week.
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I went to Vegas for the first time 30 years ago during the building hay day .Beyond amazing being out on the strip at 3AM Sunday morning and watch the Cranes bailing concrete non stop .Being ADD I was in a candy store .My wife has now gone with me several times and we have a couple rules 1 never stay at the same hotel and never eat at the same restaurant twice .

There is no photo that could due the hover dam or the grand canyon justice .

Glad ya had a good time .
Thanks for the pics Brian. I'd like to go there some day.
Great pictures, I hope the escort service met your expectations :D

Did you do the walk out over the Grand Canyon?

Never made it to the Grand Canyon. Just to Hoover Dam. That picture was taking from a fairly new walking bridge. I can now say I have been to Arizona, even if it was just on the other side of the bridge and Dam.
Looks like a great trip Brian! Great shot of the Hoover Dam. They were just starting to make their way across the gap and starting the arcs when I was in Vegas last. I always wanted to know how the dam would look from the bridge and you answered the question!


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Awesome pictures.

I am so excited, going to LV in early December, in between some time in Phoenix and Palm Springs.

Brian, did you happen to try any good places to eat at the new atropicana? The pool is amazing there, but I haven't eaten in that place yet.

This time, I think I would like to go and visit red rock canyon as wel. Thanks for the pics and inspiration! Love that town!!!
Eating at the Tropicana I found a bit pricey. A good prime rib can be had next door at the Hooters Hotel. I don't remember the name of the restaurant in this place, but you can't miss it, just inside the casino.
Don't miss the Fremont street experience while in Vegas. We really like people watching; and there is no better place than this. :0
I am off to Las Vegas on Sunday for SEMA week..... I always enjoy Vegas .. city of excitement.... and soon tons of cars and trucks and SEMA Babes!

Have a great time Brian! I would LOVE to go to SEMA some day. Take lots of pictures for us!

I will.

SEMA is all business for me....... checking out cars and car parts, trucks.... meeting race car drivers.. SEMA babe autographs and the odd Playboy Bunny...... :)

Finally might get to see a C7 in person.

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