Anyone have some good knowledge of vBulletin and willing to help me make this forum better? (Although I don't plan on doing any changes) I could really use some help with the computer side of things. Please send me a PM!


They have a forum for everything! Even forums!:rofl:

I've lurked there a bit as well as the Admin Zone. Both sites seem to be for people who know what questions to ask. I feel like it would be someone coming on here and saying, I have a Corvette but don't know what it is or how to drive.:rofl:

Well, time to noob up on another forum I guess. Not going because I don't know anything won't get me any further.
Well, as we have a huge community here and our members are the best, I'm putting out another request for help. Not the best thing to do as you guys may think, "What kind of wiener is running this place?" but dang nab-bit, I want to make this forum better for you guys so I have to suck up my pride. As you guys are part of other forums, does anyone have a friend or know someone they trust that runs another forum using vBulletin? Secondly, would they be willing to offer some technical support? Things I need help with are adding smilies and modifying the banners at the top of the page (how long has Manny waited for me to update his banner!?). I did not set up the forum and don't know where any of the files are located. I'm hoping someone can tell me where to look.

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