Apr 27, 2010
Sherwood Park
1998 roadster 6spd
Anyone installed one of these themselves? I looked at the instructions online and it looks fairly involved- more than I thought anyway. Also there is the matter of moving the MAF sensor, what does that involve?

It looks like each tube has an air filter in it, right? And these have to be cleaned and re-oiled?

Will probably put one in this summer since it seems to get the most favorable reviews.

Any anecdotes to share, say performance before and after the install? Anything really noticeable or just more a knowing that the car is breathing better?

Should only be one filter at the top where the two ducts meet from the front. As for cleaning and oiling, I cleaned mine in the kitchen sink using dawn dish soap to strip everything then I gave it a light coating of WD-40.
Its an easy install, but a lift is sure a big help . You will love the Vararam, its the best bang for the buck mod for any Corvette .Did I mention that E.C.P is an authorized dealer of Vararam products :D

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The install is quite easy.
I did mine last year without the help of a lift.
My primate size hands did not help much, looked like I got in a fight with a Pit Bull.
Its well worth paying someone with a lift (Many) to install this item.
You will be pleased with the results.:canada:
It's easy i put it in and it took me 3 hours without jacking the car up. If i had a jack 2 hours tops. Trust me jack up the front to do do this.
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