Wow! Thats the car that got my love for Vettes started when i was a kid, the Callaway and Greenwood cars were truly special.

Look at that Mobil 1 sticker, 15-50 blend!
That's all this forum needs is another white on red Corvette.:rofl:

Great looking car. If I was in the market for a rare Corvette, that would fit the bill. Would it be possible to contact Callaway with the VIN to see if it is authentic? The hp numbers are not that impressive by today's standards, but as stated, the torque should slam you in the seat pretty good!
yeah the problem is these dealers know about them and grab them up only to to add 5-10 grand to the price for their profit. Their looking to get 25 grand for this polo green one. I looked on craiglist their was another older one recently listed for only 10 grand.
What happened to the hood? The article has the hood with the air ducts yet the car doesn't.

Calloway and Lingenfelter. Nuff said. Of course, we have a 3rd option nowadays with Pratt and Miller.

Would like to see some Calloway Supernaturals though. Have never seen one up close.
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