Feb 16, 2013
Oxford Mills, On
1981 C3 / 1988 C4
Just finished replacing pads and rotors. I noticed a slight noise when I put it away in the fall, but when I took it for a road test, I heard a distinct crunching clunk sound when I changed directions. When I checked it closer, calipers were fine but I have some free play in the u-joint closest to the wheel. Has anyone attempted to replace the axle u-joints in their garage? Looks like I will need to disassemble the entire assembly. Any tips, tricks and hints would be appreciated. Should I replace both joints? What about the hub bearing?
Replaced the u-joint on my truck. Took some heat and a hammer and some trial and error on setting the crush sleeve. I'm sure the u-joints are the same but for setting them up I am clueless. May be worth a trip to see Manny (Dasilva Motorsports). You should give him a call. He'll pin point what you need to do.
UPDATE: It is apart....couldn't believe I had to use my impact on the U-joint strap bolts.....they are a 5/16" head. My 30 year old Craftsman deep 6 pt 1/4" drive socket was up to the task!!!! (turned torque setting down...went up incrementally...#4) Now to actually change the joints and re-assemble. I once had to re-install a front driveshaft in thick mud, nothing could be that bad.
UPDATE: Job complete, success. Hardest part was removing the retaining straps. Going back together was pretty straight-forward. Once I removed the shaft, the inboard joint was toast too. Not worn, but seized....new one has a zerk! Outboard can not accomodate the zerk. Took my time, took about 5 hours. Now that I have done it, plan on doing the other side and hope to do it in 3.
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