CCF V2 Tweaks and more features coming soon


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Jan 11, 2009
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As some of you may have noticed I'm playing around with colours, fonts and textures like a kid at a Lego store opening. This will for the sake of your vision and tolerance hopefully pass soon. :)

CCF is now officially stable on our next generation platform. As you can tell stuff looks a little different but is hopefully still familiar enough not to lose you. Looking at traffic I've not lost most of you which is a win.

Next round of tweaks will be around performance as well as some final colour/styling stuff as I'm never happy with it.

Next features will include in no particular order:

1. Featured Threads (much like we had on the old board) a page dedicated to popular threads
2. Member customization stuff inc. ability to customize your profile page, customize your username colours/icons
3. I need to rework the trophy system a little so there will be some changes there also
4. User maps - yes we will bring it back
5. Mobile App - needs a bunch of work
6. Live threads, stats etc - see thread updates, user stats etc in realtime without refresh

In the mean time please do let me know if you want any specific features and we will happily evaluate.

As the whole social clubs feature was never used I am not planning on bringing it back unless enough of you want me to.

Suggestions on a postcard as always.

Take care.

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