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Jan 24, 2009
ok, this may be a stupid question.......i know, i rarely ask these!!! but what should be our priorities when doing a tune up. and by priorities i mean, what is more important, plugs, wires, oil change, filters(fuel, air) coolant, brake fluid....where would u put them in order of importance....feel free to add anything i might have left out!!!:seeya:
whatever you do... don't let them touch the fuel injection LOL I had many issues with dealerships "tuning" and cleaning the fuel system. If you're running good gas... Its my opinion that you're good there..

for me?

air cleaner
Tune up is a term that is a throw back to the days of carburetted cars when plugs, wires, carburetors, points, valves, etc needed adjustment. Now, it's just scheduled maintainance. Do your all your fluids at their scheduled intervals. If you do not know when they were last changed, replace your coolant, clutch fluid if a manual transmission, brake fluid, trans, diff, air filter, power steering fluid?, and keep track so you know when to replace them next. It's pretty easy to tell when to change the oil. I've consumed a fair amount of booze tonight (graduation party), so if there is anything I have missed, or I am full of it, please let me know.
:agree: with Riley, tune-ups are from the old days.
On the newer non carberated cars I dont thing there is such a thing.
Direct Port fuel injection has done away with many things, but also remember to check the
fuel filter on older cars if it get plugged up it can hurt your performace.
Dealerships still try to milk the customer through Scheduled Maintenance offerings. Case in point: Two years ago when I imported my C6 I took it to a dealer to have the Canadian bumper pieces installed and to have the mandatory federal and provincial inspections done. The dealer was licensed to do it all. No problems and no complaints in that regard. :coolgleam: But ever since, the dealership has sent me a letter about every 6 months telling me that "our records indicate that the above vehicle (my VIN No.) is now due for the following recommended maintenance: Cooling system service, Lube, Oil, Oil filter, Car filter, Rotate tires, Wheel alignment-4 wheel."
Ya, sure! They're going to rotate tires when the fronts and backs are different sizes? And a lube job? The Z51 option includes two Heim joints with grease nipples as part of the rear suspension but it's my understanding that base suspension 'vettes have no grease nipples. The dealership doesn't discriminate in that regard. :nono:
Nowhere in these letters does the dealership hint at what all this servicing is going to cost but I can speculate that it would be in the $400-$500 range, maybe more. :eek:
Thanks, but no thanks, dealership! I do the oil changes and lube the 2 grease nipples myself and I bought the 3 volume set of GM Service Manuals to guide me through whatever else needs doing (except wheel alignments).:seeya:
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