Jan 27, 2009
Township of Langley, BC
1975 coupe/2003 vert
Howdy boys & girls..
I wanted some trunk lid liners and I'm a DIY kinda guy.
Here is what I made for our C5 trunk lid..
First made some templates..thank you RITZ..

Then cut-out some corrugated plastic sheet to size..
(I used some old car show signs, this was my first prototype..)
And wrap with leather...

Add some velco and then insert panels....!! Done.

thanx for looking,...
(next we move under the hood.)
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And now the Under-Hood portion of our program...
Make some templates, cut some plastic panels, wrap with leather, add velcro..
First the battery/fuse box cover..

Then the underside of hood upper-right area.

Now I need to add some decals or badging to the panels to make them look better. I also want to paint the underhood blanket emblem.

thanx for looking

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Graham that looks very Ritzy. :rofl:

What a great job, it all looks very professionally done.

Thanks for sharing, I think I may give this a shot. If we had a "thumbs up" I would have added it here.
Graham, interesting that you posted this up. Last fall when trying to clean up my very dirty car from Stan's Weber's Cruise I washed the hood liner. I was dismayed when opening the hood last week to see that the pad was blotchy. White marks here and there.

I saw on another site that other folks have had the same issues. They take the liner off by carefully removing the round plastic fasteners with a flat pry bar with a fork in it (nail remover style). The top ones come off first then bottom leaving the one in the centre to come off last. It strikes me that this would be a job for a few extra hands. The liner is fragile.

Once off it is cleaned carefully with a soft brush laid on a flat surface then painted with rattle can flat back or grey if that is what is desired. Apparently several coats are required. Some people have then used Tamiya Paint Pens to actually draw in the Corvette symbol that is embossed into the liner. Suggestion was to put a few extra coats of paint where the symbol is to stop paint from just sinking in. It looked pretty good on the examples shown. Steady hands but nice work.

Just a suggestion that might work for you.
Howdy boys...thanx for the comments.
I may have trouble with the adhesive holding the faux leather to the plastic backing due to the underhood heat. Time will tell.
I did see the tutorial on painting the underhood emblem. It was well done.
I'll tackle that soon.
Take care
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