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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Just a little train watching and relaxation out in the boonies north of Milton at sideroad 10 and 3rd line. A line between Milton and Georgetown I believe.

Other train buffs came by and chatted......Lucky enough to see one long train of 80 cars (I think Rob said 80) 2 big diesels chugging up the slight incline.

Cool spot about 50 yards from the track on a little parking/byroad. Good chats, quiet country setting, nice ride there and back.

Took a few pics thought I'd share with other buffs.







I like the sound of a train going by.....unless I live right by it. Go Trains! Imagine how much torque those suckers must have! I wonder if they ever race?

Turns out they do!:D Locomotive Race - YouTube

I believe the 'Nasty1' has that much torque.:D

Racing trains I've never heard of I'll check that link -- Runaway trains I have -- you can imagine the results.: ouch!

Rob (Steamer) knows mucho about trains -- he'll have some stories if you ask him sometime.

wow, went back to that link and WOW -- Racing train engines -- Sounded like Dutch or Scandinavian announcing to me ...

I'll tell Rob about it -- I'm sure he'd like to see.

Thanks for posting Riley.

No problem! I find all that old stuff extremely interesting. Old tractors, whatever, very cool in my books.

Our man Rob is a real train buff----he's actually seen that vid b4 and of course was in awe when he saw it like we are...... Very cool.

Seems to me Rob's into all steam engined equipment (LOL with a handle like Steamer I guess he should be...:rofl:)

train watching

i spend about 60 hrs a week on cp trains here in moose jaw, sask. i try not to look too hard when i'm not at work. hahaha
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