I purchased for my Apex wheels a set of Schrader EZ sensors 33700. These are dual frequency sensors so they can be used in C6 and C7 cars.

According to Schrader the sensors come blank and must be programmed before installation. I'm trying to find out what "programming" means in relation to these sensors.

I have a TPMS trigger tool like this one:

Amazon product ASIN B07Z968ZD1
So if I install these sensors to my new wheels and install to the car and using my TPMS tool will they program and sync to the car or does programming mean using a different tool to actually "program" them before installing onto car?

I've used these sensors before on my Forgeline wheels when I had the wheels on my C6 Z06 and C7 ZR1. Worked flawlessly on both cars.

They are made by Schrader who are the OEM supplier to GM for TPMS sensors.

The sensors I have on my current wheels are also Schrader sensors specific to C7 but not OEM.

Was the sensors u used Schrader or some other brand?
It was an Acura RDX, with "tire shop" wheel / tire, tpms install. Only two worked the following winter. Don't know the brand of sensors they used. Honda dealer made it right with OEM. Five yrs into my current Ridgeline with dealer installed sensors on my snows and all are working as they should
Last spring, I bought a pair of tpms sensors for my bike.
The pair cost less than $8 and worked perfectly up until the snow started to fly.
Haven't got the bike out yet, but I'm curious to see if they still perform as well as they did last yr.
My advice for you is to know what sensors any tire/wheel shop you deal with are going to install on your setup to go on your vehicle as obviously not all TPMS sensors are the same.

Stick with OEM or known afkt. companies sensors that are OEM suppliers.

Some tire places might have a problem with that and I would have no problem walking to find another that won't have a problem using parts I want to install on my car + most tire shops charge a stupid amount of $$$ for each sensor.

Anyways, back to the intent of this post, still need to know from experts about programming.
The 33700 and 33500 are the one I use at the shop. When they are program, each sensors have a different serial number wich you dont have when they are blank. There is 2 ways to make them work. You will need to use a programer to do it, you can clone your oem sensor and transfert the information into the new ones, that way the car will see the same infos and think these are the oem or program them for a specific car then you will have to make a relearn of the tpms systeme on the car so the vehicule can accept a new set of sensors. this can be done while they are already install no problem but you need the programer to do it
Yesterday got hooked up on Facebook with a brand new "very lightly used" ATEQ VT37 TPMS programmer:

It works great. I used it to check my current sensors on the car then used the info to clone each EZ Sensor I have no issues. When the Apex wheels goes on the EZ sensors will work just like the current sensors on the RSR wheels. The unit can also check your keyfob signal strength. It can be updated with the latest software from ATEQ and I need to do this after I purchase a license for updating (current license on the unit ran out end of May). I can do most cars and sensors with the unit currently but after the update all current vehicles and latest available sensors can be serviced with this programmer.
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