When GM was number one, they got all the flack in the press. With Toyota becoming number one, they now get the dishonourable position of taking all the flack. GM seems to have been sheltered pretty well since being bailed out by the governments. Still, there is no excuse when dangerous things are happening. There have been weird things happening with the active handling on Corvettes. In some cases, apparently, the GM fix hasn't even cured the problem. The computer applying one front brake could get a person killed. Some times, I wonder if the companies themselves can't even figure out what is going on. The parts guy in one of the local dealerships was telling me about a couple of trucks that they had in the shop and the mechanics were totally baffled. It didn't sound like GM, nor the service manuals had the needed information. The amount of electronics in vehicles these days is becoming a mind boggling nightmare for the average mechanic.
the automakers try to put a lid on a lot of stuff too. a neighbour here a few years back had one of those sts caddy's that would torch up on their own. his went up suddenly one day in his driveway, we were all lucky the woods didn't catch ablaze. gm went to great lengths to keep him quiet about it.
With the internet, it is hard to keep a lid on ANYTHING any more. We hear from a sister-in-law living on the east coast, telling us what is going on here in Omemee. I guess we don't get out much. ;)
I'm currently having an issue with Toyota for a warranty repair that they won't honour on my 2013 Highlander, they offered me a 60-40 split :swear:

Needless to say I will not be purchasing another Toyota vehicle :nono:
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