Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Sorry for the misleading title but if I posted "Masonry advice need" I didn't think anyone would look.

Our house is stucco, I was thinking of having the bottom 3 feet or so changed to a stone or brick veneer. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Could it be a DIY project? It just can't end up looking like a DIY project.

I put stone on the sides of buildings for a few summers. No real tricks to it, you could do it yourself although there are ways to place the stone that make it look great and other ways to put it on where it only looks good. It depends on the type of stone you are putting on your house, if it's a stack stone or other type.

I would suggest calling Brent (Ctdrl-1). His banner scrolls at the top (306) 665-1010. He could give you the low down.
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