Jul 27, 2013
One reason I have loved reading Top Gear reviews is they are not overly complex and complicated for any reader of any age. The writers speak normally, and connect with the enthusiast or the neighbour who has no clue about cars.

But...onto the article:

Top Gear first drive
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They have certainly improved over the years. While the '84s put down .92 Gs on the skid pad, which still isn't exactly shabby, they have certainly have bumped up the other numbers from then. 140-mph top speeds, 0-to-60 under seven seconds, and 15.2 @ 90 mph in the quarter. In fact, these figures qualified the Corvette as one of the half-dozen fastest factory production cars in the day. Today, under 4 seconds 0-60, low 12s at 117 mph in the quarter and top speed approaching 200 mph. Long gone are the days of smog equipment killing horsepower. While the cats are still there, the engineers have worked around this stuff to give horsepower and clean exhaust too. You really have to look at the past to see how good these cars really are.
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