May 31, 2009
hespeler, cambridge
1987 c4
issue with the early c4's has always been limited tire choices due to 255 50 16 size. only choice going into this season was bfg gforce. notice that tire now available in this size called Mirada, gtx sport. only 119 a tire at bramalea tire.
anyone have any feedback on these as there are no reviews available. apparently they are an offbrand made by yokohama.
I ended up going with ZR1 style wheels just to move up to 17" tires - that and IMO they look better but even 17's now seem to have less choice than 18's

I wouldn't go down in section width if I could avoid it personally...
I should note that I'm from England and our tire choices are somewhat different.

275/40/17 is pretty common here but I had the choice of just 2 brands in the UK.
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