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Dec 27, 2009
1989 FX3 Z51 Coupe
Hey guys... Only a few more weeks to go before the Vettes start to bloom!

My C4 will see only limited spirited drives, it's more of a GT thing with me with the odd "GIV' ER SUM" moments! Having said that, it's time to replace my Kumhos. The rears are worn, the fronts are at 50%. Trouble is, I'm looking at roughly $1000 for really good track day tires that wear out at only 20,000 kms. I'm having trouble finding less expensive, long wearing tires. Am I searching for the Holy Grail here????? What are you guys running for rubber?


I got a sweet deal on a set for my C4 last year,i run C5 rims (17" FRONT 18" REAR) the rears are a 275/40 18 and the fronts a 245/40/17",out the door just around $750,this is the trick,i got "H" rated tires,good up to 200km/h if i recall.The tire guy told me the price difference between the more common (for vettes)"Z" rated tires would be allmost $100 per tire.They seem quite sticky and have worn well.Give it a try if you dont drive at 200+ they will do just fine.

The tires are Kumho perfomance brand (can't remember the exact name)
Thanks... I'll keep that in mind when I make my decision. Not sure I can guarantee keeping under 200 kms/h 100% of time though. And yes, I know how immature that sounds, but if I wanted to stay under 200 kms/h without fail, I'd be driving a Saturn. I guess I'm looking to have my cake and eat it too. If you want to go fast, even just occasionally, you have to pay for expensive tires that wear out fast. Unless someone has a magic bullet, that's likely what I'll be doing.
Thanks for the reply...
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