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Sep 21, 2014
2003 C5 vert
Sometime in the next month or so I will be selling my stock wheels mounted with Falken tires. These are off my 03 vert.
Fr 245/45/17 95Y
Re 275/40/18 99Y
Rims are undamaged with just a bit of pitting on the inside barrels where the clear is starting to fail.
Not sure of the age of the tires as they were on the car when I received it. Plenty of tread, no cracking and basically look new. Tires hook up and handle extremely well.
I will be looking for best offer on the complete set. Not interested in partial sales or removing tires.
Thanks guy's!
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Good to hear Bill! The thin spokes are a nice wheel. I see them on a lot of Chevy/GMC quarter tons around here and other cars. Plus it's a nice upgrade to the wagon wheels...... But the thin spokes sure aren't T-10's! Looking forward to the pics of those beauties on your car!
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