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Jan 21, 2012
2002 coupe
I have just purchased a set of Michelin Pilot Run Flats for my 02. I have heard from a range of folks (including the Chev dealer) what the pressures s/b F & R. Anywhere from 30 psi to 36 psi all round.

would appreciate hearing from anyone running on these tires what the correct pressures s/b.

Also my TPMS is indicating I have 43 psi in RR when in fact it is 34 psi. I am now gettting a "HIGH PRESSURE" warning lignt on the dash. All other tires show correct.

Thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks, Ron.
I think my owner's manual calls for 30 psi for the Goodyear run flats. It doesn't take much driving, even at moderate speeds, to see the tire pressure increase 4-5 psi. I'll stick with the factory recommendations. Our left front always shows a little lower pressure than the rest, not enough to trigger an alarm though. I just picked up a set of wheels and tires and noticed the N2 nitrogen valve caps. Then I did some reading.
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Nice little link on filling the tires with nitrogen. The only thing not clearly stated is how nitrogen won't expand as much as air so your tire pressure stays more consistent. It did refer to aircraft tires using it but didn't explain the benefit. There are a lot of tire shop around here that will fill and top up nitrogen filled tires for free.
Aircraft use N2 because there is no moisture in it as opposed to shop air. Higher altitudes would freeze the moisture creating a big lump of ice to accumulate in the tire with a vibration on roll out.
i used it on my motorcycle and the tires stayed the same pressure throughout my holiday to bc and back. also had it in a pickup. it was ok but hard to find places that had nitrogen in case something happened on the road.
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