New to the area, but I'll try to find you guy's !

Hi guys< I cant believe i missed another one:swear:. That makes 3 in a row, this time i was down with the flu, just to add insult to injury it was 32 degrees!!!!

Oh well I think we have 6-8 more before the season is done.

Hello to Tonsf1000! I had to look Waldhiem up on a map to see where it was, I had heard of it but, had no good idea where it was.
Look forward to seeing you out on thursdays.

The flu? uh huh...are you sure you were not hanging out with the hummer guys?

You caught me!! :D

I actually have had no luck starting a hummer club! I put out a call on the internet,("Wanted: people to meet every week for hummers and related activities") and it attracted quite a lot of attention from lonely single people. But no luck with what I was looking for.

I wonder where I went wrong?!?!?!:D

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