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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
The meeting location has been changed to the parking lot east of Dairy Queen. This is assuming no freak weather...or it's kind of more like normal weather. Bring your cars out and eat some ice cream. It starts!

Yep, just checked the forecast and it looks like we are in store for some freak weather on Thurdsay. It is calling for +8! I realize by the time Thursday comes around it will be back down to 1 or 2, but, it makes you feel better knowing you're going to get screwed when Thursday does finally arrive.
I will have a car there, might be the replica though as the garage door to the vette is still in a about a foot of ice at the acreage! We'll see though. Who's all going to the Draggins this weekend? ....and Fender was that you I saw cruising around on the weekend in the Vette? I tried to get your attention but I was only driving the Z28 so I was!
I've got the lambo out and on the trailer. I am dropping it off at swt today to get some new meat on the back. I am scheduled to work thursday night, but will try to change it up so I can meet at least for a bit.
Alrighty!! I took the night off and will be there forsure on Thursday!! I have the Lambo out and been driving around yesterday and today and it feels great!!! for some icecream!!!!....BTW, is the DQ on 8th open yet? I never checked!!
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