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Jan 11, 2009
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Who is going to be out next week?

The count down is on for the see how the forecast changes according to the weather network as we get closer. So far, next Thursday should be 10 and Sunny....boy, that felt funny not putting a "-" sign in front of the 10.

If the weather sucks, which it does, we will be hiding out at Maguire's which is right across the street where we meet with the cars.
Phoned and they quoted $28/sq.ft + $8/sq.ft for operating costs. He then told me the square footage and when I was trying to think of it, he said it works out to $7200/month. Then the $7200 made me forget how many square feet the place was...4200 I think. Those are some club dues that I don't want to spend as that will cut into my icecream budget for the meets.
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