Wow doesn't that bring back some memories -- The big eyebrows of the '59 and '60 chevs. The BelAir would be nice -- slightly upscale from the Biscayne but just under the top dog Impala.....Beauty cars and this one with a 348.
Hard to believe I was just 12 when GM brought that out in late '59 ...

Can't say I ever saw many 2-doors tho. Unique to me.
Thanks for sharing Doug.

I had an uncle who always had standard transmissions. His dump trucks were standard and his family vehicles were all three on the tree. In '59, he splurged and bought a new Chev with the automatic. After a few months, he was in Lakefield and something screwed up and he could only get reverse. He drove it in reverse the 8-9 miles from Lakefield back to Warsaw. He got it to Peterborough and promptly traded it in for a 1960 guessed it.....a three on the tree. Funny memories from the old days. A 348 car would be neat to have. We go through Round Lake Centre on our way to Petawawa where our Son lives.
brings back memories, my Dad sold a white 2dr '61 Bel-Air - 348 stick car with A/C brand new to a dairy cattle farmer friend of his, Charlie had a bit of a wild side .... :D
Both those cars were the way a lot of musclecars were ordered. Just the go fast stuff and nothing extra to add weight. You want stereo......listen to the dual exhaust. Best sound going. ;) You probably won't be able to hear the radio anyway. That 454 should make a pretty good performer out of that '64.
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