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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
It's funny the things we will do when we set our mind to things...

Tonight, I sat here and Googled "Corvette Dealer" for a Canada only search and emailed no less than 80 dealers Canada wide..eheheh

What do we figure our chances are?

If getting a Z06 is not possible at MSRP, I will be the first to prove it!
Man!!!! Spent the day calling just about every major Chev/Corvette dealer in Canada without luck. I can account for 19 Z06s right now and it seems that Sherwood Park in Edmonton got the largest allocation of 6.

No luck though.... Thoughts? Ideas? Tricks?
C7Jake... Thanks for that kick in the ass! It worked! Knew there was a straggler that everybody overlooked. Might just change the plate to 'BlkSheep'...maybe not.
Congrats Les!

Where did you find it?

And is it a guaranteed allocation?

Best of luck! I'm sure you will keep us all posted here on the progress over the months!
Just found this Owais and apologies for not responding. Yes guaranteed allocation (confirmed through GM) and it is a Quebec dealer who was awarded a single allocation, much like yourself.
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