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Jan 12, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask
I am very sorry to announce the passing of Dwayne (dbakke) on the A.M. of Sunday March 20th 2011. Dwayne had been fighting Cancer for several months, I spoke to his family last night and they reasured me that he was in good spirits, and passed peacefully surrounded by loved ones.

Please take some time to remember Dwayne, he was a good man and a good friend + member of the Saskatoon Corvette family.

This is very sad news indeed as Dwayne always brought an element of enjoyment to our get-togethers on Thursday nights. He was always happy to show us the new goodies that he bought for his car and enjoyed being out with his car and hanging out. He will be dearly missed this year as we start a new season. I am proud to have gotten to know him over the past couple years and wish his wife the best when dealing with such a loss.
Very sad to hear. I remember Dwayne from my days as a cameraman in Prince Albert around 1990. He helped us out with a live remote setup for the provincial election- big stuff in those days, Dwayne right in there with the technology...

Sounds like he really lived each day to the fullest- a good lesson for all of us.

My thoughts and prayers to Dwayne's family and friends.
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