Wtf ?

say it isnt so - did the wife kick you out ? I hope not ! Freakin lousy stinking neighbors !

I gotta say this isn't right..... we had a deal for you to install my exhaust.... where will I go now..... crappy tire ????

the Earth is Flat ! The moon landing never happened !

And I`m leaving for Mexico in the morning :D

Got to keep a little suspence here .......and no the good folks on my street did not lynch me ...........they could have but

I will post just what I am up to once in Mexico
Ok in Playa Del Carmen now .

Here it is folks after years of working from my little garage its time to step it up .

So as of Monday May 28th a new beginning :

Welcome to :

Dasilva Motorsports INC
6000 sq of paint , mechanical , electrical and all items Corvette related .
Full Dynojet services. , full paint , complete engine to rear diff and interior.
Complete custom Audio to anything for your Corvette , Camaro, CTSV and more will be available in one location .

More to details to come .
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Congrats Manny and g/l with the new business.
Enjoy Mexico for the next week and we'll see you on your return.

Had a good one at the COPING event and have many pics to post.

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