Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
Hey gang,

Long time no anything! Health is fine, thank (insert religion here). I thought I would share this with you.

I got nailed by my insurance police who did a random check on my driving record. I had three minor infractions and no missing points. All happened in either the Hyundai or the Ford Focus. Suffice to say that our car insurance for the three vehicles nearly doubled!

Bonnie made me make a decision - drive the Hyundai or the Vette. Duh! Tough one. OK, the the Vette gets wet in the rain and I take a few more weeks between the good washes but man, the grin on my face when I drive to and from work is immeasurable.

I learned something which I should have applied since last year. Enjoy them NOW and I mean ENJOY driving the Vette, not just looking at it. Yes, it will get dirty but that is what washing it is for. Yes, the mileage will increase but we know guys with over 300,000 on their C6's. It is SOOOOOO much fun to be out there on brisk days when the engine just loves the cold air and it just barks it pleasure at it too.

I will put the SOULSRFR in for it's winter hibernation when the first snow falls and after a good wash and polish too. She will be tucked away under the form fitted cover, but in the meantime I am enjoying it LARGE.

On a last note:

Dear admin buddies, can you change my name to SOULSURFER on the forums please?

Peace out,

I can't believe your insurance doubled. That is crazy! Glad to hear that one benefit of it is that you are forced into enjoying the Vette a bit longer! I put mine away as it threatens to snow anytime and once that happens, I am stuck without storage.

That is great news about your health Pierre! What a blessing.
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