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Apr 18, 2010
2006 Coupe, 2003 AE
I took my `06 up to Dasilva's new shop this week to have my ticking sound sorted out. And to have the Brakes checked.

The Ticking was the "now I know a common thing" piston slap which I will just have to live with. :(

The brakes could use rotors and pads so Manny replaced front and rear with Premium replacements. Now I will not have so much brake dust to clean and every thing looks great.
It did cost a bit more than standard parts but Nancy and I feel it is well worth it.

Thanks. :canada:

By the way, the Shop is coming along and looks great.
Thanks you the business Gary & Nancy .

One that we will never do, is compromise on quality parts .

Safety is always our first and it begins with brakes .
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