May 31, 2009
hespeler, cambridge
1987 c4
i have an 87 and almost never drive with the targa on. having said that when i do it squeaks in the corners and middle(both at rear of roof.). driving me crazy. almost sounds in the middle like a glass creaking noise. anyone have experience resolving this type of issue? would appreciate ideas. tries silicone on weatherstrip and sticky weather stripping along back of roof panel.
I have been told that this is a common issue with of the C4's. Fortunately, I don't experience that with mine as I usually keep the roof panel on (seem to get caught in the rain too frequently).

Maybe with the low mileage of your's, it's just not broke in yet. lol.
Weatherstripping appears like new. Someone told me today that there is a way to adjust roof screws. Hmmmm. Hey wood stock, I know u don't take ur roof off. Don't know how u resist. Saw ur car at nannies BBQ, it looks great.
I also believe that the roof screws are the most likely source of the squeak. I'm sure that someone can advise the correct method of adjusting. I'll take your suggestion and try a little more open air cruising this summer. It'll certainly increase the headroom.
Hopefully this might help?

"How to Adjust a C4 Targa Top"

The C4 Corvette was produced by Chevrolet from 1984 through 1996. Every model year of the C4 was produced with a coupe body style and removable roof panel. The removable roof panel is often referred to as a "Targa top." Several options were available for the roof panel including a solid, painted panel or tinted glass panel. Adjustment of the roof panel may be required when seals are replaced or body damage

1. Park the Corvette on a flat surface and lower both windows.

2. Loosen each of the four Torx retaining bolts used to secure the roof panel to the body. The Torx ratchet, roof removal tool, supplied with the car from the factory should be used to perform this action. Lift the roof panel from the Corvette and store in a safe location.

3. Remove the screws in the center trim panel above the driver and passenger seats. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen each of the six screws holding the panel to the body.

4. Locate the two bolts used to secure each of the rear roof retaining assembly. Loosen each bolt with the aid of a wrench to allow a small amount of movement for the roof retaining assembly.

5. Remove both front visors with a Phillips screwdriver. Loosen all of the retaining screws from the front trim panel used to conceal the front roof retaining assembly. Using a wrench, loosen the four bolts securing the front roof retaining assembly.

6. Install the roof panel on the Corvette and adjust the rear edge of the roof panel for a 6 mm gap gap with the rear body panel. Use a tape measure to verify the gap is consistent across the roof panel.

7. Tighten the rear roof assembly bolts using a wrench. Use the Torx wrench to tighten the rear roof retaining bolts.

8. Tighten the front roof assembly bolts using a wrench. Use the Torx wrench to tighten the front roof retaining bolts.

9. Reinstall the trim panels and visors using the Phillips screwdriver.
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