If you guy's want something that really cleans well and waxes at the same time, you have to use this:

W-56 - Products - Prolab Technolub

I have no problem getting the flies off and other oily filthy dirts....What I doe is rins the car real well and with the wet damp mitt I pore a bit of that W-56 on it, and rubbing in circles ... Then rinsing it again ...It is really great stuff...:agree:
Anyone have experience removing tar from their paint? I have ten or so 4" spots of tar in front of the rear tires. The city was filling cracks in the road with tar and covering the lines with sand without any wet tar signs or signs that work was going on! All I can say to them is good job! Way to keep up on the sub-par work of informing the public of what is going on!

I heard WD-40 works, but have never used it. Bug and tar removers mostly just smear it.
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