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Mar 29, 2014
Hello Forum Mates,

I have been discussing with my management on the possibility of having a C7 Lucky Draw at Gateway Chev.

I am proposing to my management that we can sell Raffel tickets for $250/entry and have limited number of tickets, between 250-500 entries based on the MSRP of the vehicle being offered.

So my question to the forum mates here is would you participate in such a lucky draw? Since this will not be a draw for a factory allocation, the vehicle will be preferenced by us as a retail unit and therfore you will not be able to change the specs. But you could possibly end up winning a C7 for only $ 250 and you would get it within weeks of the draw.

Any thought/suggestions on this promotion? Does anyone here have experience running such promotions?
Hmmmmm. It is similar to those that the Museum has where they typically charge 250-300, but sell many more. (ie right now they have a draw for 1000 entries of $200 per ticket for a 2015 Z51 3LT. My word of caution to you goes to the fact that they never seem to sell anywhere near their total allotment of tickets.

To guarantee your return in this draw, you would have to have a draw with an open date where all the tickets would have to be sold, this being because your total number of tickets comes so close (250 x 250) to the cars actual price...in fact at $62500 that comes close to your price and nothing that could be paid for a Vette in reality.

The two considerations you need to have are whether the open style draw will bring in ticket sales, and also, if you could draw in the people that would pay $250 who are interested in those odds on a Vette. Locally, we have a motorcylce draw for a new limited edition Harley annually (value 45K) and I have been told serveal times that they havent reached MSRP with $10 ticket sales even though they have that draw for several months prior to the Fall draw....and they are a popular Harley dealership.

Just some thoughts as I wouldn't want to see you incur a loss and get yourself in hot water.

Now with the popularity of the Z06 (wicked GM marketing efforts), you could sell a million tickets on that car...the world is in love with it right now and the press is eating up every morsel of Z06 news they can find....

On a side note Owais... You keep up the great job you are doing now and your name will be synonymous with Canadian Corvette sales before long. Imagine.... Jamali Corvette Canada ... eheheh
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Owais, I would buy a ticket as long as it was the winner of course. 250 tickets is $62,550, 500 tickets $125,000 so you would have to determine just how many tickets you were going to sell.

I think it is a neat idea. Something a little different to create some excitement. I will let you know how I want it configured, might as well get what I want because I am winning that car!! I know it probably won't help ticket sales but it is what it is. :rofl:
Thinking a bit more... you might get that much more luck doing the 500 tickets for $125 each as then, so many that actually come into the dealership and see that car just might grab the ticket for $125. I think you would see those 500 tickets sell out much faster than the 250 at $250. My thoughts are that 250/250 means that you are most likely attracting only those Vette lovers, whereas 500/125 will grab all Chevrolet lovers and do your dealership some great press as well! You could probably do a newspaper advert (add that in of course) listing that your dealership has a draw for North America's hottest sports car and, at that price, you will find the tickets a much easier sale.

Then again, you could go right to $100 a ticket for 625 tickets and all would easily realize the cost of the car and jump at that ticket... Myself, I think this is your best option for ensuring total ticket sales, but not for us die hard Vette guys who will buy a ticket from you even at $250 per. Personally, you may find that such a draw brings potential customers into the dealership and then elect to repeat it in the future...

oh also, in that case, dont forget to list the date as also being (or when all tickets are sold, whichever is soonest)
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I'd have to agree, that the $100 ticket price would be an easier sell.

Now if you tied it to a charity automotive/ driving related preferably or something that the dealership already has a relationship with. Where everything in excess of dealer cost ( real cost ) went to the charity you could probably sell 1000 tickets. The tie in to the charity helps your draw and the gained goodwill of helping a charity.

Win Win for everyone.
I think one has to check legal aspects as this is essentially a lottery and provincial laws regarding such a draw may fall into play. In most cases it has to be tied to some form of charity or non profit organization....... Great idea and I feel the $100.00 price = easier ticket sales. $62,000.00 is pretty much a plain basic Vette, with few options. I assume taxes extra or included? I say sell 750 tickets @ $100.00 = $75,000.00 and let the winner order to his specs and wait for the Vette or give away a better optioned C7 Vette.. my $.02 worth
And.... selling tickets for an Ontario lottery to OTHER provinces may not be legal.

I remember back in the '80s, our Corvette organization (C.C.C.C. (WR)) would raffle off
a Corvette.... but we were severely restricted/limited to selling the tickets ONLY in B.C.
(The lottery was licensed in B.C.) Therefore selling to people who did not live in B.C. required that they visit us (in B.C.) and then we could sell them a ticket.
Thank you all for giving me your input.

It appears that GM Canada already runs a similar promotion which is also nationwide. They recently raffled off a 2014 2LT C7 in partnership with Prostate Cancer Canada Foundation so if any of you would be interested in participating in this raffle please head off to Prostate Cancer Canada | Rock The Road Raffle.

As a GM dealership we arent permitted to compete with a national GM Canada promotion. Also participation without a charitable foundation would mean we will need to get a lottery and gaming license for Ontario and that would get way too complicated.

So we have decided to take C7Jakes advise and stick to selling these great cars!
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