Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
As you are all probably aware, I have sold my C6, and I have placed an order for a C7.
I placed the order in March of this year, knowing that I would have to wait till Sept/Oct for (hopefully) delivery.
Also it was likely that I was going to get a 2015, because the allocations for 2014 with the options I want,
were just (probably) not going to happen.

So after 3 months of waiting, and not hearing anything from my dealer, I started to think about possibly trying another dealer,
or seeing how I might acquire one from a US dealer.

A member of this site/forum (Ojamali) contacted me and we spoke at length
about how he might be able to help me.
He is a salesman at Gateway Chevrolet, in Brampton, Ontario.

He pursued things with GM, asked certain specific questions, etc., etc.,
in an attempt to see if he could get me the model/options I want.
He involved his manager in this quest.
He checked to see if my dealer had been able to place my order.
This week, he told me that he could place my order, and could pretty much guarantee delivery of my model/options by the end of September.

So I checked with my dealer, and they had, in fact, placed my order,
but of course had not bothered to tell me.

So I had to tell Owais that my order WAS placed, so I would not be ordering with him.
I thanked him profusely for all the work he did on my behalf.
He graciously acknowledged.

So.... for all you guys who might be interested in talking to a "great salesman", I really do recommend him.
He bent over backwards trying to help me.

This is a far cry from my past many years' experience with car salesmen.

Here's his name and work number
Owais Jamali
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C7 Z51 2LT convertible
Black, Black, Black
MEL 7 spd Manual Transmission
FE4 Magnetic Ride Control
NPP Dual mode exhaust
(I thought this was discontinued, and they now leave the exhaust wide open,
but Owais tells me it is still available with 2LT and 3LT)
Chrome Wheels
The Navigation is now standard built-in to the radio with 2LT and 3LT
Vehicle Memory package with forward-looking camera

Nothing else makes it go faster or better, so nothing else to select from the options.
Ntmd8r, I worked in sales the last 25 or so years of my working career. If someone does it right and works hard at it it is on many occasions a very rewarding occupation. I think that you are a class act for taking the time to recognize the effort that Owais made to try to help you with your purchase.

Not many customers would take the time to do that. I am sure he was disappointed that he could not complete your order but I am sure he appreciates you taking the time to let the board know that there is indeed some very professional people out there.

Well done by both individuals. :canada:
Congrats on getting your order in as desired!

I too ordered my C7 from Owais, and he has done nothing but bend over backwards to expedite my order as best he could. Mine was the last Z51 allocation they got, and the Sales Manager had used it to order one for himself, but George ( SM ) modified his order and replaced it with my order.

It's great to actually deal with a place/person who understands good customer service. It unfortunately becoming rare.

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