At least another 2 weeks -- according to the forecast anyway.

Probably early November.

But I get a treat tomorrow: I'm driving to Quebec in the GS on business.
It promises to be a decent trip.

We were our for a 30+ mile run today and the weather is looking fine through November 1. :) I saw a couple of silver Corvettes in Bridgenorth while gassing up today and my friend Walt with the blue and white '55 Chev wants to get out for another run before the snow flies.
getting a little snow here, usually cancel my plates and put it in storage at the end of oct.
I have no choice but to put it away on Nov 1. I run a Seasonal Plate (only 1 rear plate required) and that is good from April 1-Oct 31.
I wouldn't have it any other way. I will never install a licence plate on the front of the C6 and ruin the lines :nono:
Our car stays ready to go until they salt the roads. Looks good until at least Sunday. Yesterday was up into the mid fifties around here. After the Remembrance Day service, we went for a long drive, had a lunch at our favourite little restaurant and kept on touring for the rest of the afternoon. Hopefully, the snow will stay away for a while longer. A few years ago the fall weather held right into December and we had our old cars out for one of our daughter's wedding in December. Never say die. ;)
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