I was at Wilson Niblett ( year and half ago) and saw your Car, love the Wheels and it sounded awesome.
Yeah, I think it was around that time when I was there to get my last free oil change. Sold those wheels I run Apex VS5-RS wheels now on the car. I still have my RSR R-901 wheels put away with the factory wheels and thanks.
You must have understanding neighbours…or none lol .
They're ok, 1 across the street is a total a-hole I don't give a F-ing $hit about him cause he had a problem with my GT500 with stock exhaust and threaten to throw a rock at my car 1 day as I was driving away from home normally. This car is even louder when it was stock so he has a problem.

Here's 1 more from spring 2022 and in track mode:


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