Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
It's a bit long but worth the read...

Here is the link as well. Stiff fines, jail terms prescribed for spammers in "long overdue" Canadian bill - Page 1

A private members' bill currently before the Senate could be Canada's answer to making spam clearly against the law. If passed, it would hold spammers as well as businesses that use their services equally liable, and punishable under the law.
2/17/2009 5:00:00 AM
by Brian Jackson

An anti-spam bill currently before the senate - now known as S-220, An Act respecting commercial electronic messages (the Anti-Spam Act) - if passed would help Independent Service Providers (ISPs) and individuals take up arms in the global battle against spam, say industry insiders.

Senator Yoine Goldstein, the Liberal party senator for Rigaud Quebec, gave the opening speech for the second reading of his anti-spam bill in the senate Feb. 5.

The bill seeks to introduce penalties that include fines and jail time for spammers and businesses that make use of their services. It would also make it easier for ISPs to deny service to suspected spammers, and allow individuals to sue those responsible for spam.

Canada is the only remaining G8 nation without anti-spam legislation and it's time to take action, Goldstein says.
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