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Jun 16, 2013
2006 z06
Do not wash the engine unless it is cool.

Step 1 Preparation
Cover/wrap any electrical component that might get wet while washing with a plastic bag (grocery bag) or saran wrap. Parts to cover include the distributor, alternator, fuse box (optional) and any exposed wiring connectors.

Step 2 Rinsing
In My opinion, a pressure washer is not needed and will only cause you grief. Using the garden hose, rinse the engine bay using low pressure. Just give a quick rinse of the engine bay, not blasting it, and keeping away from the areas of concern you previously covered. Go over each area of the engine and do not let the water run over the same spot for an extended amount of time. The goal is to just wet the area, and rinse any lose debris off.

Step 3 Cleaning
Use a good all purpose cleaner such as Duragloss APC or Meguiars APC. Simple Green can be used, but it has been reported to etch aluminum....I haven
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follow the step by steps..super easy. i can walk you through it, and get you the products listed!

just let me know!
Wow!! Very useful tips. I have been getting such services from Apex specialized automotive in Edmonton. I didn't attempted to do this myself before. Anyway I will try these tips on this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing this.
For LT-5 engines, "DO NOT" Use water to wash or rinse your engine.

Use a wet rag or Mild spray on cleaner. The starter is down in the valley between the cylinder banks and only has a small drain hole at the back of the block, which can easily get plugged.

Using copious amounts of water can easily screw up your starter. The only way to replace/repair the starter is to pull the entire intake system.

Also the paint on the LT-5 can be damaged easily with harsh cleaners/ solvents.
great and timely post even if it is a couple yrs old....when i did the engine on my 93 I was very careful not to spray water on the distributor, unfortnately the engine was hot and the steam got in..... damp dizzys are not your friend, believe me!
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