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Jun 1, 2012
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2012 C6
Just waiting for a price on the AR long tubes, o2 extensions, hi flow cats and installation. There seems to be one worthy speed shop here that is capable of a re-flash on the car and have a nice library of similar builds along with some sweet twin turbo jobs..... The shop has changed names since I was a kid, but it was a premier shop 25yrs ago so I was happy to find it again!!

Cool! Are they going to have it on a dyno so we can see how much is gained from those mods? What about a before/after sound clip? Anyway, glad to hear you found somewhere you can trust, that is a big part of the battle.
We need more sound clips!!

Please let us here what everything sounds like when it's finished!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.........

Riley--it might be worth adding a sticky thread somewhere in the forum. Exhaust is best heard, and not described. That spot will take a long time to grow, but once we have a lot of samples in that thread, it will be an incredibly valuable source of information to forum memebers in the future.
Ordered the Phadt stage 1 swaybars and shocks today from Manny :coolgleam: To bad I'm stuck in the tundra for another 9 days.......
Funniest / saddest part is I'm beginning to notice rodding a vette may be cheaper than doing a bike!!!

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That is sweet! Please let us know what your impressions are on the change and if you would recommend the upgrade for others.

I imagine either way you go with rodding the Vette or doing a bike, you can't lose!:D
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