Maybe we should start running. :D

Man was it chilly at Yorkdale. Brrrr. We got to the hot dog stand and it was nice and warm.

Good run tonight. But not alot of poeple out.

Saw Rick and Lorraine (NoCrisis) tonight. They stopped by before heading out. They had the Vette out.

Bump for tonight's GTG.

9-10pm Yorkdale Mall. North end parking lot in front of The Bay against Yorkdale Road.

Heading over to Apache Burger in Etobicoke (427 & Dundas area) instead of the usualy downtown spot.
WOW! :eek: Incredible turnout tonight. 26 cars tonight. Thanks to everyone that came out for the cruise. I hope you all enjoyed tonight's run.

Raggdoll (Mike) wanted a shot of all the cars, so we lined them up. There are 2 cars that are parked behind the row, plus there is another car beside the yellow C5 on the left. I couldn't get get far enough back to fit all the cars in the frame. Plus another 4 cars turned up after this pic was taken.


Just not enough room for us all on Front Street.


Nice smile Jack.
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