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When storing my stuff in the past I have used Stabil, but my Sottish buddy says Sea Foam is better because it goes better with the alcohol now in our gas??
It says on the can that it can be used for gas stabilser.
Also this is my 1st year with a C6, can I take the battery out or leave it in.
I have a tender , but I am concerned because it is in someone elses garage with nobody there.It is a new model home with people living on both sides. around
I've put in a cup of sugar to keep it a sweet ride.:D

I pretty much have to go along with the above posts. Premium fuel for it's lack of ethanol and using Sta-bil, although I imagine Sea Foam would do the same thing.

icing sugar for cold weather use ??? sea foam and starbrite products are more for use with regular fuel as they will prevent water and gas separating. i view using fuel containing ethanol as a use at own risk proposition. a mechanic i know at a local marina told me of two fellows that came in with blown power heads on their brand spanking new merc optimax outboards. naturally looking for warranty. the first thing that was done was an alcohol test. the fuel tested out at 18% alcohol !!!!! they had voided their warranty's using discount fuel. saved a bunch of money there huh. our cars regardless of compression ratio need premium gas and sta-bil.
For all the people using Stab-Bil or any other fuel treatments, do you add the fluids before filling up or after? Does it make a difference?
icing sugar for cold weather use ???

Hahaha, icing sugar! Well, I guess so! And maybe a little brown sugar for fall. :rofl:

If you have a C5 (not sure about a C5) the Sea Foam will help remove the sulfur from your fuel sending sensor. I should have thrown a bottle in mine before winter.
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