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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
What is the weirdest object that you have fit into your Vette? Let me rephrase, weirdest/largest, nonliving object. I think as my car is relatively new to me, I can only say 192 beers in the hatch and passenger foot well of the C5. I plan on making it out to the mountains and going biking, but I am not sure how much I am going to have to tear my bike down so it will fit without damaging anything.

Please state which model Vette you have as some have more room than others.
One summer I was at the Super store and found one of those back yard plastic play sets know with the slide and castle walls etc. ... it was a good buy... there was only one left in the store so I bought it for my grand kids and I'm proudly walking out of the store carrying this huge box to my car and it suddenly dawned on me ...I'm driving my vet :eek: ooooh No whatthe ---- am I going to do now.?Well I opened my big glass hatch on the 98 coupe and thinking what the ---- is wrong with your brain!!!! People were slowing down in the parking lot ..looking in amazement as they as they drove by . One guy almost hit another car as I was stuffing this huge box into the trunk ! It was hanging out about 3 ft and the hatch was open all the way... one guy driving by with a station wagon offered to take it home for me but after struggling with it for over 20 minutes I was too proud and stubborn and I told him " These Corvette have more room than a small truck" and I politely thanked him for the offer. Well if you think people were staring in the parking lot .. you should have seen the looks on peoples faces when I drove home...and I was glad I didn't have a brightly colored corvette that day. When I got home my wife asked me how I got it home and I told her I used th e 1/2 ton........:D
My wifes 2 dog kennels,One for the yorkie and one for the bichon!
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