Mar 3, 2018
Newmarket, ON
I’ve seen that a few folks have discussed the use of the Sprint Booster a long time ago.
Wondering if anyone has the V3 installed and if they’re happy with it. Also does it impact the “nannies”? I don’t use competitive driving mode, but wanted to know if the Sprint Booster impacts the driving modes or just the pedal response
Have to check at home what version I have, No problem at all with the ''nannies'' , the car just react faster as it simulate a different and faster reading of the gas pedal, easy to install and does make a difference. There is another brand that suppose to have more setting, it's call ''vitesse controller'' . don't know much about it, suppose to be very good to. In my opinion, it's a great bolt on, with 3 settings, 1: no difference, 2: faster reaction, 3 much more reaction. No wire splice or cut so it can be remove without a trace. Mine is on the car for over 3 years.

Hope it help

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