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Feb 8, 2009
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Anyone ever heard about this company they have the module for many different types of cars.
Here is the ad and the writeup, would it reduce ones reaction time on the light at the strip?


How does the Sprint Booster Work?

Sprint Booster is engineered to enhance the driving experience by providing increased acceleration time (eliminating delay)
on drive-by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal and providing the ECM
(Electronic Control Module) with a new and altered signal for much quicker response. Sprint Booster improves response,
increases pedal input sensitivity and delivers more impressive off the line performance you can really feel.

Is the Sprint Booster easy to install?

It is a simple plug-n-play installation that takes just a few minutes and delivers instant response throughout the
power band, making accelerating and rev matching incredibly more fun.

Is there a Sprint Booster available for my car?

Sprint Booster is application-specific and available for a number of popular high-performance makes and models.
Here is a write up on it

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Hey Crusher, sorry to remove the link. Links to other Corvette Forums are not allowed. Is there another source with write up on the Sprint Booster? Interesting product. I am surprised that you can't just tune the ECM to react faster to the signal from the gas pedal.
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Honestly, I didn't look at the review. I am trying to find a good review but haven't found one outside of a Solstice Forum.

Sprintbooster Installed! - Saturn Sky Forums: Saturn Sky Forum

In a nutshell, the Spin Booster adjusts the reading of the gas pedal so by the time you are at 3/4 pedal travel, the ECM thinks you are at 100%. The quicker pedal response is also suppose to make the ECM open the throttle body more because of this as in a stock car, even if you go to 100% throttle, the ECM only opens the throttle body 75%. This is what the SB is suppose to change, that when the pedal says 100%, you get 100% (but at 3/4 the pedal travel?) I have no idea to the truth of this. A lot of reviews saying that it does make the car more responsive but almost too touchy in 1st. Chuck CoW is looking at being able to do this same thing with a tuner.

Here is a graph, which looks different than the one up top!

All this is on the internerd if you want to look into it further.


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Here is a review off the Audi Forums and also the most important an actual test with technical data on the lag and
effects of the Sprint Booster installed. If Chuck or a good programmer could adjust the response of the throttle
detection or ramp/scale the voltage value as they have then you could get the same response.
As stated at 3/4 throttle you are actually at Full throttle with the Sprint booster, maybe a good option for lower
powered cars or Auto cars maybe that have not had the PCM tuned and no torque management adjustments.
Or maybe off the line at the track if your reaction times are a bit slow to help reduce your time?

Here is the file Sprint Booster Technical White Paper: Sprint Booster.pdf hopefully this is ok?
You have to download it to view it, no direct link.

Audi Forums: After 300+ miles, the best way to convey my impression of the Sprint Booster is that it makes the throttle response more "sensitive". With my particular setup, my foot barely moves and the revs climb faster that what I'm accustomed to. As a result, rev matching during up-shifts and down-shifts took some practice. Because of the "sensitive" throttle, my clutch pedal seemed to be a step or two behind the gas pedal. For example, during 2nd to 3rd shifts, I would normally try to match the revs at about 3000rpms compared to about 3500rpms w/ the Sprint Booster. Boulevard cruising was fine, but spirited runs thru the gears felt like I was over-revving the engine and late trying to rev-match. I'm sure eventually I could get the hang of it, but I'm putting enough power down where I really don't need it. I removed it today, and felt much more comfortable driving. If I were to guess, I think stock or slightly modded cars could feel some benefits from this (<250hp), but high powered/free revving cars will require some practice and skill so as not to compromise driveability. The only way to tell if it's right for you and your driving style is to try

As a public service, anyone w/ a manual trans that is considering this product is more than welcome to try it out. No sense in kickin' down $300, only to find out that you don't like it or don't need it.
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Excellent Review. Totally fine with that link. You can always PM me if you are unsure.

Back to the topic.

Quoting Dick Bipes in his Article of the Sprint Booster, I thought his conclusion was rather good:

The Sprint Booster is a simple amplifier that multiplies the accelerator pedal
sensor signal, making the accelerator pedal more sensitive. It does not eliminate
any significant delay in throttle response, nor does it greatly improve acceleration
figures. It does not change the adaptive throttle control programming of
electronic throttle control vehicles. It does change pedal “feel”. This change in
feel is interpreted by some as improved throttle response, acceleration, and a
change in adaptive throttle control programming. Considering what it actually
does, it is expensive."
Ok guys , many of you my not know this but Chuck CoW is a long time friend of mine , I have brought him here to tune a couple of years ago and we maybe doing it again this year .
I can tell you Chuck already change's the parameter for the throttle % and that changing it to 3/4 peddle being 100 % is not a good idea with these cars . Changing it to 100% in the programming already has dramatic effect, then going 3/4 to full would be just plain squirrely and the car would be very unstable in first and second gears . I can see if ca Get Chuck to chime in here and give his opinion.

[email protected]
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Thanks Manny, that is what I mentioned that in a HP car you may get into a little bit
of trouble by over powering by mistake in general road driving.
Might be a great item for small 4 and 6 cylinder where you had the lag in power.
Would be great to have Mr CoW chime in here, has he ever been here before, cannot
remember the last time he was up in TO?
Still think at the track it might help a bit with the reaction times at the light.
Most tuners like superchips and diablo predator do this to an extent to give the car a more powerful "feel" under part thottle. I know a lot of cmr tuners that vary this even more.

Nasty98 is 100% correct... you dont want it to be too sensitive with a lot of power at the wheels or your just asking for trouble.

IMO its a useless product. Your better spending your money on a proper tune and have your tuner adjust the throttle to whatever you want.
I would rather have it where the first three quarters of pedal travel only got you to half throttle and the last quarter travel of the pedal is where it really put er down. This way you could more easily modulate the fuel when you want to be light on the corners but when you need full throttle, Wah-BAM!

Either that, or it would be nice to have a perfectly linear pedal so there are no surprises.
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