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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
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It's that time again folks: Clocks across most of the provinces will move forward by an hour early Sunday morning, though that’s not the case everywhere. A small part of northeastern BC doesn’t subscribe to daylight saving time, neither does Saskatchewan.

Turn them ahead before retiring this evening folks. :D

Time to spring forward this weekend | News1130

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the time change is a voluntary thing. years ago in my part of the country there was a hotel that opted out in order to keep serving beer until 2am. i'm sure keith tedford and some of the other long term guys in this area remember the old south beach hotel. we used to joke that we could leave home at 7:00 and get to the hotel at 6:30 !!! :D
I like it as it gives more daylight in the evening when I get home from work.
I go to the local cruise nights so I love the long summer evenings. I remember a church minister saying one time that he could always tell those who forgot to adjust their clocks by the time that they arrived at church. Arriving red faced at the end of the service or sitting in an empty parking lot waiting for the church doors to open.
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Daylights savings what?:rofl:

At least all of you get to change your time together with the rest of the country so you always know what time a TV program will be playing when they say Central Time, or reference a time zone. I always have to figure out what time of the year it is, what does that mean in relation to the rest of the country, what time zone I am in now..etc etc. What a pain in the butt hole. :D

Almost missed The Bachelor on Monday because it was on an hour earlier.:rofl:
Yeah I wish it was just left alone. All it does is mess up one's sleep for a week or 2. I do like the extra daylight in the evening tho, like Greg said, so let's leave it on DST for good.:D

Good Sign

On Monday I was out for a walk and saw a red wing blackbird. They are usually the first back around here in the spring. Today, I looked out and there were four robins on the driveway. Now, some do stay all winter hiding in the cedar swamps and just come out when we get a few days of warm weather. That's what these ones would be. The geese that only migrate south as far as Lake Ontario are back too. All a good sign that spring is just about here. Haven't seen any Corvettes out though. ;) Then you KNOW spring is here.
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