Sep 25, 2012
Dorchester Ontario
1990 ZR-1
Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone on site has used anything but AC Delco Spark plugs (FR2ls) in their ZR-1's ? Thinking of changing to Platinum plugs but was informed they would not provide any performance increase. I know, I require Headers and different gears in rear end to help increase the H/P but every little bit helps. Thank you.
I seem to recall reading something about that. I believe the AC Delco's were the better choice. I will see if I can find the article.
Can't find the article I was thinking of, but after reading several threads on it. it appears the consensus is split.

Copper core plugs conduct electricity slightly better than the Iridium's, but do not last as long.

So two different schools of thought, replace the cheap AC Delco's more frequently or spend more money for the Iridium's to extend the useable life.

I could not find any performance gain/loss referenced. ( other than seat of the pant's, these are better because.....)
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