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Feb 5, 2009
1998 C5 / 2015 Z06
Ok you know who you are , now step up and fess up to that beautiful Silver Z06 :)
Hey! How did you know I just got a Z06?

Ok, I'm totally lying...but I can dream...
Whoever they are, POST PICS!
I knew that there was no way I could keep it a secret for very long.

My brother and I drove down to Legendary Motors and picked her up today.

2008 Machine Silver Z06. :D:D:D

If you want to see pictures of it, they are on the Legendary Motors web site.

The BLUEANGL has found a new home, and I hope she brings the new owner

many miles of smiles .

Manny , good to see you again and let the mods begin!

BLUEANGEL signing off.


Wow. It was that car at Legendary that I wanted. I did a few double takes when it was gone. Enjoy!
Here is a picture of Lorenzo's new baby :D



I see a Vararam and some LG Pros in your future :D
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Gill are you finally going to do the Vararam and some headers ?
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